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Terms and Conditions - British Mensa Events

British Mensa Annual Gathering - Glasgow

18-21 September 2015

ACCOMMODATION: While British Mensa Ltd. has negotiated the rates advertised to the members for the Village Hotel; it is not involved in or responsible for booking any accommodation for this event. All accommodation is subject to the providers’ terms and conditions and any queries or problems regarding accommodation should be raised directly with them. The accommodation rates quoted are only available for the Urban Village Hotel, when booked via the phone numbers and email addresses advertised in this programme and on the British Mensa website.

EVENT BOOKINGS: All event bookings to be made via Mensa HQ in Wolverhampton and paid in full before close of business on Friday 4th September 2015. Any booking received after that date may not be accepted. Any booking may be amended or cancelled at any time, subject to availability and practicality, provided the office is advised and any additional payment due is made in full before the closing date. Events may be added to any booking after the closing date, subject to availability, at the weekend registration desk only, with full payment at the time.

REFUNDS: Refunds will only be paid after the weekend has finished and only for events that are cancelled by the organisers or cancelled by the booker prior to the closing date, provided we have reached and can maintain minimum numbers or we have been able to re-sell (not guaranteed).

EXCLUSIONS: The organisers reserve the right to exclude any individual, for unruly, disruptive or inappropriate behaviour, from the immediate event, any part or all of the remainder of the programme and may, in extreme cases, request the individual’s exclusion from the venue. Any excluded individual will forfeit the unused part of their booking, including, where relevant, accommodation, and no refund will be made.

ACCESSIBILITY: Venue accessibility is the responsibility of the operators. While we have tried to indicate any accessibility problems wherever possible, any queries or problems should be raised with the venue operators.

EVENTS: Numbers are limited for some events and all are offered on a first come, first served basis. Please do not book PAYG / FREE events unless you are sure you will attend. The programme is subject to alteration without notice. The organisers will try to run all advertised events as scheduled unless otherwise indicated but reserve the right to alter any event from the details advertised. Start times stated are from the hotel unless otherwise stated and it is the individual’s responsibility to be there on time. SOME EVENTS DO OVERLAP. Please check times carefully. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are where you should be, when you should be. Refunds will not be made if you are late or absent. Indicated finish times are estimates only and are not guaranteed. Prices have been negotiated for group rates and no other discounts apply unless stated.

LIABILITY: While all reasonable steps will be taken to ensure the safety of those attending this weekend and associated events, British Mensa Ltd. accepts no liability for any loss or damage except that imposed by law. Parents/Guardians remain responsible for anyone under the age of 18 attending any part of this weekend and parental consent and adult supervision must be provided at all times. British Mensa Ltd. accepts no additional liability for anyone under the age of 18 attending any part of this weekend’s activities.

SMOKING: ALL INDOOR VENUES ARE NON-SMOKING BY LAW. All venue managers are expected to police and exclude visitors who do not comply with the law. British Mensa Ltd will not make any refunds where the person they relate to has been excluded from an event or has chosen not to attend because of this law. 

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