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Chameleon Cube Puzzle

7 in stock

A cube with six different coloured sides, all made from lenticular material. Look at the cube from one angle and it may appear you have all...

Haptic Cube Puzzle

9 in stock

A cube that has six different textured sides. This is not your normal Mensa Test! Use the blindfold (included) and see if you can finish...

Original (and best) Box Cube

2 in stock

Take the original box cube out of the perspex case, the challenge is to fit the shaped pieces back together again! Great little problem...

Sudoku Cube

In stock

A different take on this popular puzzle. Move the numbers around the cube by twisting the sections of the cube until you get it in the...

The Worlds Smallest Jigsaw Puzzle

In stock

Elephants are the worlds largest animal, so the perfect subject for what we believe is quite possibly the world's smallest jigsaw puzzle...

Fidget Spinner

In stock

Genius! Relieve nervous energy and fidget away with your very own Mensa branded spinner. Choose between yellow or blue or both! Each...