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Supervised IQ Test

Thousands of people take a supervised IQ test with Mensa every year at test centres throughout the British Isles.

About the test

Full, supervised IQ test sessions take about two and a quarter hours and are administered under strictly controlled conditions. We then mark your IQ test papers and your results are returned to you in confidence for a one off fee of £26.95. There is often an opportunity to stay afterwards to talk to the test administrator - the person who conducts the test - about Mensa, the society and membership activities.

Although many people take the test simply because they are curious to know their own IQ score, anyone who registers an IQ score which places them in the top two per cent of the population is invited to join Mensa. You cannot fail an IQ test; the test provides you with your score on the IQ scale which can offer you a greater understanding of your capabilities.

There are a variety of reasons why people take the IQ test, many are simply curious or want to challenge themselves, others do so for university applications or CVs, as a high IQ can be beneficial, it can make you stand out as a candidate. Many of those that take the test are pleasantly surprised by their IQ score.’
Cath Hill, CEO of British Mensa.

The Supervised IQ Test is only suitable for people over the age of ten and a half years.
Please do not apply for this test if you are younger than this as we will be unable to produce your IQ score. Younger children would need to be assessed by an educational psychologist to find out their IQ score and can then apply via Prior Evidence if scoring in the top two per cent.

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If you have any further questions, please email Mensa Testing or phone 01902 772 771 (option 1)