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Mensa Connections

In stock

BACK IN STOCK. The perfect gift for friends and family who like a challenge, the Mensa Connections board game was created by renowned game...

The Absolutely Authentic Mensa Test!

Out of stock

This puzzle test pack contains 50 cards split into five sections each featuring a series of IQ style puzzle questions developed by the...

3D Noughts & Crosses

Out of stock

Great table top fun for the whole family! Adding a whole new dimension to the classic game, our take on the classic noughts & crosses...

Diamond in the Rough Jigsaw

5 in stock

Diamond in the Rough is a 1000pc jigsaw puzzle which should keep you busy for hours. However, when completed the fun doesn't stop there!...

Chameleon Cube Puzzle

8 in stock

A cube with six different coloured sides, all made from lenticular material. Look at the cube from one angle and it may appear you have all...

Haptic Cube Puzzle

In stock

A cube that has six different textured sides. This is not your normal Mensa Test! Use the blindfold (included) and see if you can finish...