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Schools Testing

British Mensa offers a group testing discount for schools and colleges, enabling you to identify your gifted and talented pupils.

Every year we hear how the university selection process is getting harder and how much tougher it is for young people entering the jobs market.  Many employers and institutions are now looking at additional methods to differentiate between candidates. A proven high IQ from a Mensa Supervised IQ Test not only stands out on CVs and UCAS application forms it can be a great confidence boost for young people.

Those who score within the top two percent of the population will be given the opportunity to join Mensa, the High IQ Society.

"At Coundon Court School we had over 200 pupils elect to sit the Mensa tests, and it created a huge stir and competition in the build up to the final testing day. Everyone who took part enjoyed the challenge and for those that had an IQ in the selection range they were delighted! I know some have since joined Mensa and wear their pin badge with pride. It is certainly something we shall run on an annual basis - Thanks Mensa"
Lisa Henden, Coundon Court School, Coventry

The IQ test can also be positive for the school; you may have seen in the press schools such as The King’s School in Grantham who hit the headlines after more than 30 pupils scored highly enough for Mensa membership.

Quite apart from gaining access to some hopefully challenging and interesting activities and to a community of like-minded people, we believe that joining Mensa was a real confidence-booster for those of our students who successfully completed your membership tests. It also demonstrated both to them and to their parents that we, as a school, were proud of our Gifted and Talented students and keen to encourage them to aspire and push themselves.”
Marian Gamper - Magdalen College School, Northamptonshire  

Pupils over the age of ten and a half are eligible to take the test and we are able to offer the test at a special schools group testing fee, available in multiples of 10; please contact us for more information.

If you would like to know more about arranging a Mensa Supervised IQ Test, please contact the Testing & Admissions Co-ordinator via email or call 01902 772 771 (option 1).


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