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Revd Ed Elsey

Sunday 8th September 09.30 - 11.00

About: Ed

Revd Ed Elsey, retired Deputy Headmaster and musician in State and Independent Schools, later ordained as School Chaplain, writes for various religious and secular journals and provides articles and prayer materials to support and promote faith attitudes to life in general. Member of a non-mainstream religious community, he delights in challenging traditional fence-sitting and far-too-slow reaction to social change by church leaders, bound by old fashioned rules, rigmaroles and prejudices: a strong supporter of ancient liturgy. Clever rather than bright, gifted rather than talented, eloquent rather than erudite. World traveller with a verve for meeting people. A curious mix of a fellow, who met with Mensa on an Ancient Civilisation Cruise – this his fourth visit to our Conference.


About the talk:

In the midst  of a certain arrogance and egotism in political, media and celebrity – often fragilely over-confident and lacking in sincerity, seemingly grossly overpaid and over-adulated, does society any more truly appreciate genius, gifted individuals who contribute quietly and consistently to our wider society, and who enrich our cultural and intellectual heritage, or does it belittle, marginalise and abuse those whose gifts are no longer seen as mainstream or popular; in what may have become a trendy and superficial, temporal and occasional, greedy plaything. Saints, martyrs, philosophers, thinkers contributed so much. To what extent are these things still valued, and by whom?


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