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Mensa Prize Puzzle Competition - February 2017

Enter this month’s competition for a chance to win a set of Mensa branded Absolutely Authentic Mensa test cards. A must for anyone who enjoys testing their logical thought process to the limit! For a chance of winning, submit your answer to the following question. We will pick two correct entries after the closing date.

Closing Date: 31st August 2017

On each row place a five letter word that will link the two given words (i.e. LUNCH – BREAK – THROUGH). When completed the centre letters of the added words will give a name reading downwards. What is the name?

SHORT  _ _ _ _ _  BOARD
HEAD _ _ _ _ _  RATE
TOWER _ _ _ _ _  LETTERS
BAD _ _ _ _ _  BUDS
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Eros (Greek God of love). The words are BREAD, FIRST, BLOCK and TASTE.