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Mensa Brainteaser - Week 24 - Monday


A psychic has predicted that at Euro 2012 Rooney will score six more goals than Torres and Torres will score four less than Doyle.

Fabregas will score one more than Nasri and Doyle will score one more than Fabregas.

Torres and Nasri will score four goals between them.

How many goals is each of the five players predicted to score?




In a bar watching the Euro 2012 matches,

there are 12 fans from Greece,

4 fans from Croatia,

15 from Denmark

and 11 from France.

How many England fans are in the bar?  

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Answer: Rooney – 7, Torres – 1, Doyle – 5, Nasri – 3 and Fabregas – 4.


Answer: 9. The alphabetical values of the first and last letters are added together.