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Prior Evidence Application

Many people have already taken an IQ test, and this can often be accepted as evidence for membership of Mensa. Acceptable evidence includes a full educational psychologist's report, documentary evidence of previous IQ testing, or by sitting an approved supervised IQ test, offered by various organisations.

Applicants are asked to submit a copy of their evidence along with a small ratification fee. Once eligibility of the evidence has been confirmed, Mensa will be able to issue an invitation to join.

As Mensa is unable to test anyone aged under ten and a half, all younger children who apply to join should do so as a prior evidence application. Mensa is unable to provide assistance in finding and arranging independent psychologist's assessments - your local authority or the British Psychological Society would have lists of professionals in your area.

Please note: parents who are seeking Mensa membership for children under the age of six are advised to book a private assessment using the Stanford Binet test. Other tests will not be accepted for very young children.

We do not accept scores achieved on the British Ability Scale (BASII and BASIII) test as prior evidence as it is not currently recognised as an IQ test.


If you have any questions about prior evidence applications, please email or telephone 01902 772 771 (option 1).


To download a prior evidence application form please click here.


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