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Wybo Wiersma
Mensa’s annual Think@Oxford event is taking place this weekend (12-13 April). Members will be...
11 Apr 2014
British Mensa Chairman, Chris Tyler
Who founded Mensa? Which island has two Mensa members residing on it? You can find the answers to...
28 Mar 2014
Members of Mensa
The common factor between Mensa members is their IQ score, yet through events, the online community...
12 Feb 2014
Gifted Child
Today’s TES (Times Educational Supplement) contains a feature examining the idea that gifted...
17 Jan 2014
Mensa Puzzle Book Cover
At Mensa HQ we are often asked about our puzzle books and where they can be bought from. Over the...
15 Jan 2014
NewYear IQ testing
It is that time of year when many of you will be reviewing your prospects and looking to the future...
07 Jan 2014
Chris Leek
Tune in to BBC Two tonight (Monday 23 December) to see British Mensa Board Member Chris Leek take...
23 Dec 2013
It is 100 years since Liverpool born Arthur Wynne first published the ‘Word-Cross’ in the New York...
21 Dec 2013
Christmas Tree
British Mensa would like to wish you all the very best for the festive period. Please note that the...
13 Dec 2013
Mensa Gifts - Available at selected retailers
The Mensa Best in Test product gift range is now back on sale and available from your local...
06 Dec 2013