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LITTLE BIG SHOTS WANTS TO HEAR FROM YOU! Dawn French is back for a second exciting series of the...
27 Jun 2017
News image
Activity workshops for children are again on offer as part of British Mensa's innovative...
10 May 2017
News image
Does your 10-14 year old have great knowledge or expertise in a particular subject? Or maybe you...
09 May 2017
Johnny Ball - Inspire17
Television presenter and self-confessed maths nut Johnny Ball will join a host of top speakers for...
25 Apr 2017
Interlude in Prague - Aneurin Barnard
A chance to rub shoulders with stars of the silver screen is on offer to Mensans at the world...
25 Apr 2017
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RDF Television are making a brand new series of The Secret Lives of 4 and 5 Year Olds - and they...
04 Apr 2017
News image
Could you be a secret agent? Wall to Wall, makers of hit television series Who Do You Think You Are...
13 Mar 2017
News image
Dr Anna Remington The employability of people with autism was in the spotlight at an exclusive...
09 Mar 2017
News image
Ever promised yourself you will do something, be somewhere or achieve something by "this time next...
09 Feb 2017
News image
He's won Mastermind, so how does winner David Clark think Brain of Mensa compares? BRIAN PAGE finds...
20 Jan 2017