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Win a bundle of Mensa books!

Today is World Intelligence Day - and it's Mensa's 72nd birthday!

To celebrate, we have joined our friends at Carlton Books to offer a bundle of Mensa puzzle books in a birthday competition.

All you have to do is answer three puzzle questions, which will be revealed throughout the day, and email your answers to before midnight tonight (October 1).

You can also enter through our Facebook and Twitter feeds - just search for @BritishMensa

The first question is:

GIBE is to TAUNT as BADINAGE is to:          A. Prank, B. Repartee, C. Pleasantry D.Witticism,
E. Joke

Question 2 is: 

Mr Smith went on vacation to America. He liked New York, but not Maine. He liked Colorado, but not Wisconsin. He liked Nevada,
but not Chicago. He liked Dallas, but not Michigan. Did he like Idaho?   

The third and final question is:

Which word is a synonym of Expressive? A. Particular, B. Suggestive, C. Positive,
D. Meaningful, E. Elegant


Email your answer to all three questions to

The winner will be the first correct answer drawn at random after the competition closes.

The prize is a bundle of Mensa puzzle books kindly supplied by Carlton Books and including: Mensa: Keep Your Brain Fit; Mensa: Brain Training; Mensa: Assess Your IQ; Mensa: Logic Challenges; and the Mensa Puzzle Book.

For the full range of Mensa books, visit Carlton's website at

Carlton's competition terms and conditions, click here