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What do members enjoy about being part of the society?

Members of Mensa

The common factor between Mensa members is their IQ score, yet through events, the online community and Special Interest Groups they share much more. They can take part in different activities, gain knowledge and enjoy discussions on a wide variety of subject matter.

Members of Mensa have the opportunity to try new experiences and converse with a diverse group of people but don’t just take our word for it, see what a selection of our members like about the society…

Jack “loves the online debates and having the global network at my fingertips.” Whilst Hannah likes Mensa “because of the welcoming and stimulating atmosphere that exists within the society and that it has opened up many opportunities to me that I would otherwise have never been able to access.”

Suravi’s feels Mensa is “like the Room of Requirement in Harry Potter. You can immerse yourself in genial pub meetings, or just attend days of knowledge with subject-matter experts, be a part of Special Interest Groups, or simply turn up at social events as often as hectic schedules permit. And just like in the world of Wizardry, it is always equipped for the seeker's needs.”

Becky found that there are a lot of exciting opportunities within Mensa, “aside from spending many entertaining hours engrossed in fascinating conversations in pubs, bars and coffee shops, being a member has given me the opportunity to try all sorts of things, from archery to rollerblading, via juggling, shooting, and swinging on a trapeze!”

Ron sums up his membership of Mensa: “I like Mensa because it has a huge eclectic membership with a simple common theme. An immensely friendly bunch producing the most amazing conversations one could wish for, it is like being at the best dinner party ever!”


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Anyone with an IQ in the top 2% can become a member of Mensa – get more information from IQ Tests.