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Vikki makes the Mensa Connection!

Vikki Jackson collects her prize along with her dad Mike (right) and family friends Derek and Fiona

Curious shoppers in Swansea pitted their grey matter against the Mensa Connections Challenge at a successful event on Saturday.

Vikki Jackson, from Swansea, won a Mensa Connections board game after scoring full marks in the puzzle challenge at the event held at the town's Waterstones store.

Local Mensans Jackie Lyndon, Ann Thomas and Kath Williams set up an information stand in the shop and spent the day handing out quiz sheets and information leaflets and explaining how Mensa works to interested shoppers.  

They also talked about IQ testing and gave information about forthcoming Mensa supervised test dates in the region.

There was a chance to try out the Mensa Connections board game, and the event was also featured on local television station That's TV.

Successful entrants in the challenge quiz will also be invited join Swansea Mensans at a coffee morning get-together to find out more about the society.

Jackie said: "There was a steady flow of people throughout the day who were invited to try the Mensa Connections Challenge. We gave out 50 Mensa Connection Challenge sheets during our time there, and many of those who didn't have time to take up the challenge or return them on the day were happy to take the challenge sheet, an Exercise the Mind postcard or other literature away with them."

Many thanks to manager Steve Gane and the staff of Waterstones Swansea for their hospitality.

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