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An unexpected benefit of being a Mensan . . .

Paul, with boomerang!

. . .is that you might come across someone who can teach you how to throw your boomerang so that it just might come back.

One of the best meetings in this part of Lincolnshire is Helen and Paul's superb annual garden tea at their home near Spilsby.

Somehow, the weather is always good for sitting in their lovely garden for hours, chatting away, drinking gallons of tea and enjoying many an edible treat.

This year they even followed on from a previous discussion meeting about the Baltic states by providing cakes made from recipes originating from that part of the world.

So, we were treated to something very different but as delicious as always.

The talk is always wide-ranging and this occasion was no exception. When it turned to boomerangs, it transpired that Helen and Paul had had one for some while but did not know quite what to do with it.

However, the serendipity of Mensa, Chris knew just how to throw one.

So, boomerang retrieved from house, group ventures towards open expanse of lawn and Chris happily gave us a demonstration followed by a practical lesson. Paul soon had the hang of it and here is a confident smile with said item in hand.

Christine Howells