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Think at Cobh

Who is facilitating the discussions? All speakers are drawn from our own members. Could this be called a Tour de Force of Irish Mensa?

Dr Simon Woodworth will lead a discussion on the philosophy of science, logic, fallacies and whether there is a an onus on Mensans always to be scientific and rational. This 90-minute session is punctuated by 3 short 15-minutes talks on the following topics:
• A lightning tour of the philosophy and science
• Logic and fallacies (and how they apply to conspiracy theories, creationism and global warming).
• Should Mensans always be logical and rational?
Lively discussion around these topics is anticipated and encouraged!

Dr Woodworth is a Lecturer in Business Information Systems, with research interests in Enterprise Systems, Health informatics, Mobile Computing and Data Analytics. He holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science (1988), an M.Sc. in Management Information Systems (2005) and a Ph.D. in Business Information Systems (2013). He is Director of the Health Information Systems Research Centre.

He previously spent fifteen years working in the telecommunications sector for both Ericsson and Motorola. He worked in a wide variety of posts, ranging from mobile network customer care in Southeast Asia to commissioning mobile telephone exchanges in locations such as Yemen, Nigeria and Siberia. Simon teaches undergraduate courses in mobile programming and postgraduate courses in mobile and client – server programming. These courses are delivered in a computer lab environment and make extensive use of mobile, desktop and cloud technologies. His research interests currently include monitoring of hypertension in pregnancy and monitoring and interpretation of patient vital signs

Followed by; The Changing World of Publishing
Brian O’Kane will talk about the changing world of publishing. In particular, how on the one hand changing reader habits and a focus on celebrity authors have made it harder then ever to get published, while conversely on the other hand how ebooks have made it easier than ever get published; what this means for readers, authors and publishers; and where the future of the book and the publisher lie.
Brian is managing director of business book publisher Oak Tree Press and the author / co-author of over 20 books and ebooks, including Starting a Business in Ireland and Starting Your Own Business: A Workbook.

And closing the first day wil be Aileen Hogan Russell; BA (English &Psychology)
MEd (Educational Management), Grad. Dip. Psychology, Cert. Teaching English as foreign language, Cert. Montessori Education. Elaine has a broad range of teaching experience: pre-school, primary and secondary levels, third level. Experienced in mainstream and non-mainstream sectors. Education researcher and evaluator. Worked as freelance researcher for various contractors, including Dept Education and Skills, University of Limerick, IBEC and also full-time for the Presentation Policy Centre. Presented papers at a number of conferences. Elaine will be exploring education reform and the needs of gifted children

Day two is opened by Dr Orison Carlile, who will summarise recent academic thinking on creativity and will describe a range of ‘creativity tools’ that can be applied at five different stage of the creative process. Participants will be encouraged to try out some of these techniques in a 90 minute workshop after which he guarantees they will realize that they are more creative than they may have thought.
Orison has spoken at conferences and delivered workshops in Russia, China, Poland, Austria, Canada, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, and Saudi Arabia. He is the author/ co-author of over 40 academic papers and two books for McGraw Hill/ OU Press – one of which was entitled Approaches to Creativity: A Guide for Teachers.

Day two will be closed by Colin Byford, Toastmasters Advanced Communicator Silver. His areas of expertise are Public Speaking, chess, computers, wine and comparative theology. Colin will lead a workshop on public speaking, called “Conquer the Fear”, where you will learn to talk to groups of people with confidence. Knowledge is more useful when shared.

Where is it on?
Great Island (Cobh) Community Centre, Orelia Terrace, Cobh

Where might you stay?
Commodore Hotel. 2B&B + 1 Dinner €90 per person sharing. 1B&B €36 per person sharing. Single rates, 2 B & B +1 dinner €1001 B&B €46 021 418 1277 say Ger Heaney and Irish Mensa, ask for Mary O’Mahony

Waters Edge Hotel Single €75B&B Double €110

Bella Vista Hotel 021 481 2450

Loads more options here;

When is it on?
Don’t forget tour of Breakthrough Cancer Labs on Friday 29 January, see your January Magazine/IMPress, or ask Gerard Heaney.
Saturday 30 January. Simon Woodworth 11:00 -12:30 Brian O’Kane 14:00 – 15:00 Aileen Hogan Russell 15:00 -16:00
Sunday 31 January. Dr Orison Carlile 09:30 – 12:00 Colin Byford 12:30 – 13:30
Informal lunch, go home, or hang about and have the craic. Once I know who's coming, numbers I mean, I'll organise a group dinner in Cobh, no pressure, I'm just making the fun easy. That's what I do.

How much will it cost? €6.50 per day, or €12.50 for the two days in Cobh. We have to pay for the nice meeting room. Once I break even on that, I buy you teas and coffees. Tour of Breakthrough Cancer Labs on Friday is free. Contact Gerard Heaney about payment.

How will I get there? Cobh is at the end of a train line.

Why? Because I’m repeatedly told that “Mensa is crying out for it”.

This will fill, if you want to go, please contact me and arrange payment. If it isn’t full with a couple of days to go, I’m opening it up to The Catalyst Women’s Business Network in Cobh, and The Cobh & Harbour Chamber of Commerce, and they will fill it.

Most important. You don't have to do three days, do any one, or any two days, but please, please contact me and book in, and I can juggle the limited number of seats in the room, and make sure the people who book are happy.

Gerard Heaney

085 7247289