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Stamp of approval for Mensa anniversary

A world first will feature on a special issue of commemorative postage stamps to celebrate Mensa’s 75th anniversary.

For the first time anywhere in the world, the Mensa stamps will include what3words addresses as part of the design.

what3words is an app which can pinpoint a location, anywhere on earth, to within three metres, and is already being widely used by the emergency services to find casualties in remote locations.

The stamps are being issued by the Isle of Man Post Office on October 1, the day of British Mensa’s 75th anniversary.

They will be in general circulation on the island itself, but commemorative packs of stamps, presentation packs and first day covers can be ordered now at

Presentation packs will also include a glossy brochure explaining the history of Mensa as well as detailed information about the stamps themselves. Commemorative packs prices range from £9.27 to £92.70.

British Mensa chief executive Cath Hill said: “The Isle of Man Post Office has worked with some iconic and well-regarded brands and organisations, and we are delighted that they approached us to celebrate Mensa’s anniversary in this way.

“The stamps are beautiful and very clever in their design and I expect a lot of members will want to own a set.”

The Isle of Man Post Office has previously worked with brands and organisations including the Royal Air Force, the Royal British Legion, the Stephen Hawking Foundation and the Freemasons to develop stamp issues.

The blue and gold stamps feature a Mensa-style puzzle as their centrepiece, but the clever designs include many more challenges and layers of information to search.

There are ciphers to solve, GPS co-ordinates and what3words addresses for places significant to both Mensa and the Isle of Man, significant dates in Mensa history, Mensa regions and newsletter names, and microtext featuring all 100+ SIGs.

The Isle of Man Post Office and the designer, Ben Glazier, worked with Mensa staff and members to develop the multiple layers to create an appropriate anniversary souvenir for the world’s oldest high IQ society.