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Obituary - Dr Jack Cohen

A prominent Mensan whose achievements include helping to write the Science of Discworld books  with Terry Pratchett and teaching a Nobel prize winner has died at the age of 85.

Dr Jack Cohen was well-known in Mensa circles for running Mensa at Cambridge for many years, as well as speaking at this and other society events. 

He earned his PhD in zoology at Hull University in 1957 and went on to work at the University of Birmingham and Harvard Medical School work, before returning to Birmingham as a senior lecturer,

Dr Cohen's former students include Sir Paul Nurse, winner of the 2001 Nobel Prize for medicine.

His fields of expertise ranged from IVF to animal development and ecosystems, and he was author of several books.

He also worked closely as a scientific advisor to several sci-fi authors, and most notably helped co-author the four Science of Discworld novels with Terry Pratchett and Ian Stewart.

Donations to cancer care in Dr Cohen’s memory can be made at