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The National Association for Gifted Children Changes its Name

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After 46 years, The National Association for Children, the child and family support charity, changed its name yesterday (4 February 2013) to Potential Plus UK.

At its formal launch, held at Reed Smith in the City of London, Denise Yates, Chief Executive of the newly named organisation said:

This new name change is a result of many hours of consultation with children and young people, parents, carers, professionals and our stakeholders about their perceptions of giftedness and their views about how the social, emotional and learning needs of children with high potential can best be met. The resulting name, Potential Plus UK, quite simply comes about because it is actually what we say to parents and professionals about the support needed.

“We believe that having High Learning Potential is only the beginning of a child’s journey and not the end. What our children and young people need are opportunities to try new things, motivation, aspiration, hard work, self belief and parental and professional support. With these things our children will have a greater chance of achieving personal success. Without them, their potential may never be maximised, to the detriment of the child and our economy in general.

“Our name change is a significant departure for the gifted and talented world. By focusing on the elements of success rather than the identification of who it should apply to, we are hoping that we will be improving the long term chances of each and every child in this country.”

The National Association for Gifted Children was established as a charity in 1967 and supports around 15,000 children and young people each year through its telephone and face-to-face work.

“Mensa has had a good working relationship with the NAGC and will look to continue that activity with Potential Plus UK directly and in association with the GT Voice project. We wish Potential Plus every success for the future.” said British Mensa’s Chief Executive, John Stevenage.

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