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Nathan 'Inspire-d' by chance meeting

A Mensa event intended to inspire young members to aim high has led to one bright spark publishing a book!

Nathan Kai, who is now nine, had been looking for a book that could help him become the best he could be, but there was nothing out there. After months of searching and coming up empty-handed, Nathan attended the Mensa Inspire 17 event in Birmingham in the summer of 2017.

Amongst the speakers was Paralympic archery champion Danielle Brown - and when Nathan approached Danielle to ask whether they could write a book together, the idea for Be Your Best Self: Life Skills For Unstoppable Kids was born.

The book, written for children aged 8+, is a motivational guide that helps children answer the question: “How can I be my best self?"

Be Your Best Self takes children on an exciting journey of self-discovery, encouraging them to raise their aspirations and turn exciting dreams into a reality. The highly-illustrated content is easy to follow and delivers important messages about how to deal with setbacks and failures, to be self-disciplined and stay focused. It also focuses on building confidence and better mental health which helps create bright and successful futures.

Danielle, a double Paralympic gold medallist and five-time World Champion in archery, said: “It really surprised me that there was nothing out there to help children develop strong foundations and become the most successful versions of themselves. Working with Nathan is an awesome experience and together we’ve been able to create something that can really make a difference to children.”

"Above all this book lets children know that they are unique, valuable and important, and that they can achieve their dreams - and be happy. We can all be brilliant if we work hard and develop our strengths and weaknesses."

Nathan, a Mensa member from the East Midlands, said: "I’d been wanting a book like this since before age seven - a book on how I could be the best I could be at life. I was so surprised there weren’t any!  I knew there would be so many other children in the world, not only wanting to be the very best versions of themselves and succeed, but also how to deal with setbacks, adversities, difficulties, and thrive in the face of it.

"I’m elated working with Danielle. Children really need these messages, role models and toolkits for success, high self-esteem and happiness in life.”

Danielle and Nathan are now looking forward to bringing the contents of the book to life through inspiring workshops and presentations designed to make a lasting impact with children. They believe that the future is built by education and children deserve to be equipped with the right tools and strategies to help them maximise their potential.

Published by Button Books, Be Your Best Self is available through all major booksellers, as well as through the authors' blogsite.