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Mother calls for more support for gifted children

Abi Adekunle, the mother of a young Mensa member has commented that she feels her local council are not doing enough for gifted children.

Her son Shomi, aged 6, began being disruptive at school but after having his IQ tested and scoring in the top two percent it was determined that he was simply bored. Shomi has a reading age of 14 and his mother would like his education to reflect this.

British Mensa’s Gifted Child Consultant Lyn Kendall said
“Bright children require specialist provision as part of their school curriculum. The difficulty for schools is that they have not had the training which would enable them to deal effectively with bright children on a daily basis. This should be a priority as academically gifted children do not automatically do well in school. Those responsible for training new teachers should ensure that their education includes children at all levels.” 


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