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Mensa Member is an Amazing Grey!

Amazing Greys

Mensa Member, Glenys Hopkins, is to appear on ITV’s new Saturday night game show – Amazing Greys. Glenys, from Warrington, has been a Mensa member for many years and was delighted to be asked to take part as one of the show’s “Amazing Greys”. She enjoys quizzing and has been a finalist in the society’s very own Brain of Mensa annual competition.

Alongside some of the country’s most talented pensioners and the show’s hosts Angela Rippon and Paddy McGuiness, Glenys is pictured second from the right on the front row.

Each of the Amazing Greys has an incredible talent which they have spent a lifetime perfecting. Be it physical, mental or something completely unique to them, each will give their all as the young contestants take them on. The contestants will face a maximum of three Amazing Greys. If they can beat two of the three, they’ll leave with £10,000. If they don’t, they leave with nothing.

Paddy McGuinness said: “Amazing Greys proves that appearances can be deceptive as our contestants take on some of the UK’s most talented pensioners. Be it sport, general knowledge or something completely unique our ‘golden oldies’ will give their all as the younger contestants take them on.”

Angela Rippon added: “The show will celebrate some of our most talented senior citizens and I’ll be there to cheer them on as they take on the younger contestants.”

The series launches at 8.30pm on ITV1 this Saturday (12 April), with Glenys appearing on Saturday 26 April and Saturday 3 May.

Glenys Hopkins spoke to us about her involvement with the show…

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and was impressed by the professionalism and expertise of the production team, particularly since, to my ancient eyes, they all looked to be about 15. Angela Rippon was an excellent Team Captain, spending time in conversation with each of us before introducing and encouraging us with fluent grace.

“It was a privilege to meet so many genuine celebrities; everyone was very friendly and sociable. It did not seem to make any difference if you were an Olympian gold medallist, world cup footballer, golfing expert, Wimbledon finalist, TV chef, national and international champion at some strenuous sport, antiques expert, 1960s DJ or an Aged Mensan. We all ate together in the dining room and wiled away the inevitable waiting times that are built into any TV production being brought endless cups of tea or coffee, and chatting. This built up an excellent team spirit.

“Very superficial, but a high point for me was when I found myself being tended by three people at once. One young lady was doing my make-up, a young man was improving my hair, and a second young lady was doing my nails! I felt like Joan Collins.”