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A manifesto for gifted children

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A manifesto for the needs of the country's most able children is calling on government to give more support to high potential learners.

Potential Plus UK's campaign - Raise the Bar and Mind the Gap - argues that supporting the most able to reach their potential is the fair way to improve standards, bring economic value and improve social mobility.

The document says: "This manifesto offers practical, workable solutions for our education system. These are no more onerous than the support provided to those children with special education needs or disabilities.

"In a society where all children should be treated equally, the needs of children with high learning potential must be included in any national education strategy."

The organisation is asking supporters to spread the word about the campaign by writing to their MPs, sharing the message on social media and registering support via an online poll.

British Mensa works closely with Potential Plus to help support children with high IQ. It is a common misconception that very bright children "will do well regardless", because if their education does not meet their needs they can become bored, disruptive and isolated and many fail to reach their potential because they switch off from education at an early age.

The manifesto lays out a number of things Potential Plus believes the government should do to meet the needs of the most able children, in the same way as those with special educational needs or disabilities are catered for.

The document particularly calls for consideration of those pupils who are "dual exceptional" - that is, very bright but with an additional disability or learning difficulty - and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

To read the full Potential Plus manifesto, click here