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Leo excels in Chinese challenge

After becoming a YouTube star during the first lockdown, junior Mensan Leo Gomez-Franqueira has turned his attention to another challenge -proving his skill in the Chinese language.

Last year, a video of Leo performing a song he composed himself to cheer up people stuck indoors became an internet hit.
Now the six-year-old has passed his HSK 3 Chinese Proficiency Test with flying colours and a top score of 300 out of 300 -a remarkable achievement at such a tender age.

Leo’s father Iñaki San Pedro said: “Normally children don’t sit this exam as it is designed for adults, as there is a special exam for children called YCT.”

Leo loves Chinese culture, is fascinated by Kung Fu and has visited the country five times. Iñaki added: “Leo can speak four languages as he is Spanish, we relocated to London when he turned four so he speaks English, and also speaks French . . .”

Well done Leo!

This story originally featured in the April edition of Mensa Magazine