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Join JAG and speak up for younger members!

Victoria Cowie and John Stevenage

The Junior Advisory Group is recruiting again!

The Junior Advisory Group was set up to represent young Mensans, and give them a say in what the society has to offer – events, SIGs, forums and more.

Since its genesis, the Junior Advisory Group has been responsible for running competitions, organising and publishing Teen SIG, and has written reports on relevant topics for the board of directors.

Junior Advisory Group members must be aged 11-17 at the start of their term in January. They serve one year terms, and are able to re-apply every year until age 18. Members of the Junior Advisory Group liaise with one another and a chosen representative from the board on an e-mail list, discussing their thoughts and ideas and co-operating to achieve goals.

You have the chance to let us know first-hand, from a younger perspective, what you think Mensa should be doing for you. Mensa’s constitution mandates that it fosters intelligence for the benefit of humanity: this applies to the next generation as much or more than to anyone else.

This is a singular opportunity to get actively involved with the society, to learn new skills, and to interact with Young Mensans in the same boat as you.

All applications from members aged 11-17 years are welcome and encouraged.

CLOSING DATE : 2nd January 2017

Online applications can be submitted here. If you have any questions, please email the office at, or the Junior Advisory Group Liaison at

Written applications should be sent to Junior Advisory Group, British Mensa Limited, St Johns House, St Johns Square, Wolverhampton, WV2 4AH