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Irish Mensa on the look out for new members in Cork

Maia Paulus, Judy Hewitt

A group of Mensa members exhibited at the Cork Adult Education & Training Exhibition at Cork City Hall in early September. Thanks to all those that helped man the stand and talk to visitors about what Mensa has to offer. Helpers included Judy Hewitt, Maia Paulus, Richard Crotty, Julia Relihan, Marie O’Donovan, Simon Woodworth, Pat McNally, David O’Donovan, and Ger Heaney.

One helper said of the experience
"Many people took flyers and home tests etc away but, more importantly, a significant number of people stopped doing what they were doing (drinking coffee, chatting to friends, using ipads etc) to engage with us and inquire about IQ & Irish Mensa in general. I feel that our presence at the Cork Event has helped to dispel some skepticism and promote a positive awareness of Irish Mensa amongst the attendees."

(thanks to Ger Heaney for the picture).