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Indian bright sparks get helping hand from Mensa

Image:  Akshaya Patra Foundation/Pixabay 

A project by Mensa India to help some of the country's poorest children achieve their potential has been gaining international attention.

Mensa Project Dhruv identifies and nurtures underprivileged but gifted children who would not otherwise be able to access the education, healthcare and social stability which is necessary to achieve.

Project chairman Kishore Asthana said: "These underprivileged Mensans are brilliant but they are trying to drive their lives with their handbrakes on. We are looking for champions amongst our Mensan and non-Mensan friends and acquaintances who can help release these handbrakes and enable these deserving children to move ahead full speed with their lives, unfettered by their financial and other constraints."

As part of the fundraising and awareness campaign for the Dhruv Foundation, which finances the project, Kishore has recorded a short video, describing the project's work and some of its successes and challenges. The 12-minute video will be presented to the Silicon Valley Rotary Club in the United States later this month.

Kishore added: "If you find it inspiring, please share this with those of your Mensan and non-Mensan friends and acquaintances who might find it in their hearts to support one or more of these young, deserving Mensans or be inspired to help other similar children elsewhere. Every compassionate person can make a difference."

You can watch Kishore's presentation by clicking the link below. For more information about Project Dhruv, please visit