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Have you joined Brightspace yet?

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More than 200 people have now joined the new members-only Facebook group, Brightspace - are you one of them?

Brightspace is for current members of British Mensa and is a place where you can "meet" fellow Mensans, post news and information and share photos and reports from Mensa events.

As it’s a secret group, you won’t be able to find it by searching for Brightspace and no-one who is not in the group will be able to see who is a member of it or any postings.

So we can make sure only current members are in Brightspace, you will first need to send a friend request to Lucy Amnes, and a direct message with your membership number. Lucy’s account is public, so if you want to protect your Facebook anonymity, you can “unfriend” her as soon as you have joined the group (she won’t get offended!).

The membership team will then add you to the group.

If you’re not already on Facebook, could this be a good time to join? It’s easy, free, and you can set your account so that other people can only see as much or as little of what you post as you choose.

To comply with Facebook rules we won’t be able to let anyone under 13 join the group, and if someone leaves Mensa they will also be removed from Brightspace.

Lucy Amnes is a unique name on Facebook, but just in case another person pops up with the same name, the correct page can be found here