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Mensa York AG Logo

Elaine Newington-Ward has won a competition to provide an emblem for British Mensa’s Annual Gathering 2013, which will take place in York this September.

Her logo (pictured) depicts the history of York – a Viking helmet, the white rose within a Roman shield, a steam train, a tower from York Minster and Clifford’s Tower.

The winner was chosen by Sir Ron Cooke, a leading academic in Yorkshire who said the design neatly illustrates the best features of the city.

07 Jan 2013


Alice Amos

Alice Amos joined Mensa at the age of three in January. She was offered membership after her parents submitted copy of a report from Professor Joan Freeman demonstrating that Alice had an IQ in the top two percent of the population; scoring 162 on the Stanford Binet test.

07 Feb 2013


Mensa Magazine Cover

One of the many benefits of being a Mensa member is the monthly Mensa Magazine. The magazine is packed full of debate, intelligent features, member stories, reviews and event listings. Plus, it is accompanied by a Regional Newsletter.

In the latest edition member events such as the Science & Arts Days are previewed, Mensans including a soldier are interviewed, a sleep & dreams expert talks about the mysteries of sleep, and the media’s reaction to young people with a high IQ is discussed.

28 Mar 2013


George Symeounides, a member of Mensa Cyprus, has entered the race for a place in the L.S.A. Lynx Space Academy, the opportunity for an ordinary person to go into space. He needs you to vote for him to advance to the next stage.

Chair of Mensa Cyprus, Christina Angelidou, says: “It would be very interesting to send a Mensan into space. We’ll need to keep George in the first 200 candidates when voting ends on the 30th of April. Please vote for George Symeonides to go into space!”

08 Apr 2013


British Mensa’s Chief Executive John Stevenage

British Mensa’s Chief Executive John Stevenage will be speaking at IGGY’s Global & Gifted 2013 annual conference on Thursday 4 July. The conference, running from 3-5 July 2013 at the University of Warwick, focuses on the use of technology in education. It is an international conference designed to bring together teachers, researchers, specialist organisations and professionals working in the field of gifted youth, and educational technologists.

12 Apr 2013


Abi Adekunle, the mother of a young Mensa member has commented that she feels her local council are not doing enough for gifted children.

Her son Shomi, aged 6, began being disruptive at school but after having his IQ tested and scoring in the top two percent it was determined that he was simply bored. Shomi has a reading age of 14 and his mother would like his education to reflect this.

23 Apr 2013


Richard North CEO of Wow! Stuff

Richard North CEO of Wow! Stuff will be appearing on BBC TWO’s The Apprentice You’re Fired this Wednesday (15 May). North is appearing as a business expert having founded and built up the Wow! Stuff company.

Wow! Stuff are licensed to produce products under the Mensa brand and have developed popular Mensa gifts such as the Brain Trainer and Calendar Challenger. New Mensa products will be launched in September with some stock still remaining in the Mensa Shop.

13 May 2013


Free personality profile

When booking to attend a Mensa IQ Test Session you will also have the opportunity to complete a Type Dynamic Indicator (TDI) assessment and receive your Personality Profile for free.

Simply book to attend a Mensa IQ test session where you will discover your official IQ score and you will receive a unique code enabling you to complete the personality indicator online in your own time.

Once you have completed the personality indicator, your results are e-mailed directly back to you.

25 May 2013


British Mensa's Gifted Child Consultant Lyn Kendall

The new series of Channel 4’s Child Genius will hit our television screens on Tuesday 11 June at 9pm. This 4-part documentary series follows the lives of some of the country’s cleverest children and their families. Earlier this year, twenty one highly gifted children aged 7 to 11 were selected to take part in a competition run to find the UK’s Child Genius.

11 Jun 2013


The Chief Inspector of Schools, Sir Michael Wilshaw today (13 June) announced that he believed that there was a failure by state schools to nurture their brightest pupils. Ofsted has suggested that schools place more of an emphasis on developing their brightest pupils.

John Stevenage, Chief Executive of British Mensa said ‘at Mensa we would support any initiative that gives better assistance to bright children. Gifted children should be provided with the appropriate resources to learn and achieve their potential.

13 Jun 2013


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