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Fishing for knowledge in Cambridge

Mensa at Cambridge - Elisabeth Whitebread

We can’t believe it is our 33rd year but today (26 July) we kicked off our annual Mensa at Cambridge weekend. This year we’re at the historic Trinity College, which was founded by Henry VIII in 1546. For over 400 years Trinity College has been a place for those seeking knowledge to flourish and we’ve done our upmost to provide a programme to suit the setting.


With 9 top speakers taking on the topic of The Sea it is sure to be an informative and entertaining weekend. Speakers include marine expert Elisabeth Whitebread (pictured), Commodore Jim Scorer who served the Royal Navy on most ship classes, and Rob Spray an enthusiastic diver who uses photography to great effect to share his findings from beneath the waves.


The event provides an opportunity for members to learn, debate and socialise - we’re already looking forward to our 34th year!


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