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Do you work for the UK's most intelligent company?

Intelligent Company of the Year Award

Do you work with super-bright colleagues, in a company brimming with smart talent and intelligent creativity?

British Mensa has agreed to work in association with the Intelligent Company, founded by Hungarian Mensa member Gábor Rutai, on a new initiative in the UK called the Intelligent Company of the Year Award.

Any business or organisation based in the UK and with five or more employees is eligible to compete for the title Intelligent Company of the Year 2018.

The company running this competition launched a similar award five years ago in Hungary and has enlisted such well-known enterprises as Nokia, Ericsson, Vodafone, Morgan Stanley and Hewlett-Packard as well as key players in the local SME sector, each in their respective category.

It is a unique opportunity to raise awareness of British Mensa and invite high performing individuals to consider joining the society.

The competition comprises two rounds: an online test in the first one, followed by a second, in-house test for the best performing teams. Up to 50 per cent of a team’s members may be Mensa members or previous test takers, contributing their Mensa scores to their team’s overall results.

The Intelligent Company would like to encourage you, members of British Mensa, to enter your business in the competition or draw your employer’s attention to this opportunity.

Applications are open until the end of May but the sooner you enter, the higher up your name will be among the contestant list on the website.

The Intelligent Company hopes to see as many as 200 companies entering the competition this year with the ambition of making this an annual event.

To apply and for more information, visit