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Did you get the answers right?

Many thanks to everyone who took part in our World Intelligence Day competition.

The winner of the Carlton Books bundle will be announced in due course, but here are the answers to the puzzles:

GIBE is to TAUNT as BADINAGE is to: A. Prank, B. Repartee, C. Pleasantry D.Witticism, E. Joke

Answer: B

Mr Smith went on vacation to America. He liked New York, but not Maine. He liked Colorado, but not Wisconsin. He liked Nevada, but not Chicago. He liked Dallas, but not Michigan. Did he like Idaho?

Answer: No. He disliked places with an ‘I’ in the name.

Which word is a synonym of Expressive? A. Particular, B. Suggestive, C. Positive, D. Meaningful, E. Elegant.

Answer: D.