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Board election 2019 - Hannah Eisenberg

I first joined Mensa in 2013, and have been regional Secretary for the North West for 2 years. In this time I have formed many bonds with other members and made friendships that I know will last for years.

However, I have also seen first-hand how few people engage with the society and one of my aspirations is to connect members and to encourage more interaction, both at events and through technology. Some members may find it difficult to come to events, and I want to reach out and make sure that everyone can get what they want out of Mensa and that everyone feels like they’re getting value for money.

I am also heavily involved with Mensa Youth, both internationally and at home, and was instrumental in organising a 150-strong New Year camp, hosted by the UK this year, as well as several residential weekends. See the photo of some attendees having fun meeting the Queen!

 I thoroughly enjoy getting involved with this and being a member of MY-SIG has enriched my Mensa experience beyond my expectations, both in terms of connection with members of UK and international Mensa, and also in terms of personal development.

It is my involvement internationally that has lead to my desire to take this experience and do more in UK Mensa. Seeing the differences in the way different Mensa organisations are run has made me realise that there is still much that can be done in the UK and I want to be a part of it.

I want to bring the same level of enthusiasm and interest for younger members to the UK as we see through Europe. Currently we have around 20 UK members who attend the Young Mensa international camps and events. Compared to other countries such as Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands, this is a very low engagement rate– if the interest and scope is there for other countries, it is definitely possible to expand within the UK and attract more members under 35.

At the same time, I think it is very important to continue to support the older members and enable them to create events and to communicate in ways in which they are more comfortable. Continuing to use the existing frameworks will help with this, but we can also educate the membership on the new channels available to them and encourage new interactions. Sadly, many longer standing members no longer engage with events or each other and I want to make sure that the opportunity is there for them if they wish to use it.

I aim to improve communication, make the board answerable to the needs and wishes of the general membership, and ensure that the membership interest is held and that we engage with the demographics that are currently under-represented in our membership.

The future of British Mensa is crucial. Our membership is ageing, and we run the risk of failing to engage with the younger generation, whilst also stagnating and losing the interest of more long-standing members.

I intend to build on the good work being done by the board currently, and inject new ideas and life into the organisation. Using nine years of experience in management and planning through my career as an Engineer, together with my passion for project management and policy development, I will bring a structured and creative approach to shake up the organisation and scrutinise the areas where we can improve and do better for all of our members.