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Board election 2019 - Carolyn Cooper

I first joined Mensa over 30 years ago. I have served the society as Local Secretary in the North West, a meeting host, a SIGHT host, organised a Mensa weekend and currently as Treasurer on the board. I recently hosted a Mensa workshop on the Alexander Technique which had 53 attendees. 

As a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA), I have held positions of Company Director, Pension Scheme Trustee and Company Secretary. I have a degree in Computer Science and City Finance.

I have attended Mensa meetings across Britain, Ireland, The Netherlands, Malaysia, Finland and Japan.

My interests include travel, animals and complementary therapies. One of my hobbies is scuba diving for which I hold PADI Advanced, Rescue Diver and Nitrox qualifications.

On my travels I like to interact with wildlife ranging from holding hands with an orangutan in Malaysia, feeding milk to a baby elephant in Sri Lanka, watching turtles laying eggs in Borneo, hand feeding tiger cubs and snow leopards. One of my favourite activities was husky sledding, where I drove a team of six enthusiastic dogs over snow and a frozen lake.

My hopes for the future of Mensa are that we can improve services to members. Recently I adopted a proposal from Brightspace that the magazine be posted in a recyclable wrapper which was introduced in April 2019. 

If re-elected to the board I shall focus on updating the mobile technologies, especially as this will encourage younger members, providing more and varied events. If reappointed as Treasurer I shall focus on continuing improvement of the supply of financial information to the Board to help promote more efficient use of resources.