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Applications open for the Mensa Mentoring Scheme

The deadline for the current intake has now passed. Please look out for further announcements in future.


Could you mentor a Mensan?

Applications are currently being taken for the Mensa Mentoring Scheme. The application may only take five minutes, but it could change someone's life.

'Gifted' children are different, and difference can be wonderful. However, it can also be isolating, baffling and unasked for. A child may find themselves unable to relate to their peers, unable to understand their gift, maybe even question whether it's a gift at all. Those wishing to help such a child may show all the care in the world, but if they haven't navigated such a childhood themselves... it can be like steering a ship in a storm, without compass or destination.

And that's where you come in.

You are a Mensan because you're special. Not better, not more, but different in a specific, measurable way. Your mind is not like most people's. And it once belonged to a child.

By mentoring a Junior Mensan, you'd be providing advice, guidance, and first-hand experience on a childhood not dissimilar to yours. They can learn the lessons you've learned, walk the paths you've walked, avoid the pitfalls you've overcome. They can better utilise their gift, through not having to fight against it. They can live a life defined only by their own capabilities.

Every mentee would be different, but a mentor would not be expected to commit to more than a video talk, a phone call, even an email, every month or so. You're not being asked to raise the child, only to be someone to talk to, someone like them.

If that sounds like something you could do, someone you could be, then this scheme is for you, and it needs you, more than you could possibly imagine.

Successful applicants would be asked to attend a training event on 30th March 2019, in Manchester, just adjacent to Piccadilly Station. Expenses would be covered by British Mensa, all we want from you is your experience, your generosity, and just a fraction of your time.

The application deadline is fairly imminent — Sunday 10th March.

But that's this project in a microcosm, isn't it? A sliver of your time, delivered at just the right moment, that could change another's life.


James H. Oldfield
Family Mensa