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What do IQ and intelligence mean to you? Curious students and sixth formers with great research and writing skills are invited to enter the inaugural British Mensa research essay competition.

Students are invited to vie for one of two awards, each worth £100, by submitting an essay based on research into the field of IQ and intelligence.

Students from any academic field may enter and the remit is intentionally broad to encompass politics, sociology, sport, business, neurology and many more.

03 Nov 2015


Christa Hugo at the BBC

Musical Mensan Christa Hugo spends her days in the serene world of classical music and ballet – but by night, she’s ready to rock!

Christa is a part-time ballet pianist and keyboard teacher - but, four evenings a week, she lets her hair down to lead a group of enthusiastic amateur singers in Rock Choir, a nationwide movement which has seen fun, friendly choirs spring up in more than 300 towns and cities.

12 May 2015


Stanford logo

Exceptional young mathematicians are invited to apply for a place on an exciting summer school organised by Stanford University in California.

The Stanford SPARC scheme is a two-week summer programme for exceptionally gifted secondary school mathematicians which encourages young people to develop their talents inside and outside the classroom.

All classes, accommodation and activities are free, and some scholarships are available towards the cost of travel.

20 Mar 2015


Mayuri enjoys extra-curricular activities

Plenty of interests outside school is how the parents of nine-year-old Mayuri Swaminathan are coping with their own bright spark.

Music, singing and martial arts give Mayuri something to focus on and counter some of the boredom she feels in class when set work that is too easy for her.

Her father, Janardhan, 39, advised parents to look for the “extras” a school could offer, and not just its exam results.

08 Oct 2014


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It’s that time of year when parents of 10 and 11-year-olds are faced with the million dollar question – which secondary school to choose?

It’s a difficult decision for all parents, but those with particularly bright children can find themselves agonising over what’s best.

08 Oct 2014


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