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channel 4

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Have you ever thought you could be the next James Bond or Violette Szabo?

Would-be spies are being sought for a new Channel 4 television show being created by Minnow Films. It aims to show the recruitment and training process involved in becoming a spy, and will explore the type of person it takes to serve the country under cover.

The producers are looking for a group of 20 men and women to attempt a course based on elements of the authentic recruitment and training phases of Britain’s intelligence services.

04 May 2016


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The programme that puts extraordinary children in the spotlight is now looking for children aged 8-12 (and their families) to take part in the fourth series. 

Initial applications are open but there is no commitment to take part at this stage, until families feel fully informed and happy to proceed. There will be a series of conversations with all parents across the selection process.

09 Nov 2015


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Child Genius

Amazing feats of mental agility from some of the sharpest young minds in the country will be showcased on national television as Channel 4’s popular Child Genius programme returns to our screens.

The third series of the programme, which sees 20 children aged between eight and 12 battle it out across a range of mental agility tests, starts on Tuesday (June 30) at 9pm on Channel 4.

Mensa’s gifted child consultant Lyn Kendall acts as an advisor to the programme.

26 Jun 2015


Child Genius winner Sharon Daniel with her trophy

 Chess champion Sharon Daniel has beaten off some of the cleverest youngsters in Britain to win this year’s Child Genius title.

Sharon, 11, from Bolton, won the trophy at the end of the second series of the Channel Four competition, backed by British Mensa.

The independent learner beat eight year old Tudor Mendel-Idowu in the tense head to head finale of the four part series.

Sharon is the current under-11 UK girl’s chess champion, and she chose the Battle of Stamford Bridge as her specialist subject in the final.

11 Aug 2014


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