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Networking & Events

Joining Mensa opens up rich and varied social opportunities, with something happening somewhere in the UK every night of the year. Local groups organise social evenings, quiz nights, games afternoons, walks, talks and cultural events.

There is also a busy calendar of national events including;
Intellectual Weekends - Thinks at Oxford and Mensa at Cambridge
Activities - the Music Weekend, the Games Weekend and Mensa Golf Championship
Science & Arts themed Days – Astronomy, Forensic Science, Arts at the Ashmolean and BioMedical Science
Weekend Gatherings – Irish Mensa Annual Gathering and Scottish Mensa Annual Gathering.
And many more…

Plus the biggest event of the year is the British Mensa Annual Gathering which incorporates the society's AGM in amongst a packed programme of varied events. 

Members can converse online on a variety of topics in the forums or simply use the messaging feature to interact with other members in real-time. British Mensa also hosts a Business Network on LinkedIn and numerous closed Facebook groups.


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