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Michael Feenan


Michael Feenan

Mensa International Chief Executive



As Executive Director, I am responsible to the elected board for the overall administration of the International Mensa Organization and also function as the Company Secretary for Mensa International Ltd, which is the legal incorporated entity based in the UK.

Past President - Institute of Association Management 2013 – May 2019 6 years

In July 2016, I was honoured to be elected as the President of the Institute. My term is now ended with the recent AGM.

At that AGM, and after a period of intensive work by the board, number of important changes took place, amongst which the meeting approved a change of name, which is now the Institute of Association Leadership; new Articles of Association and Bylaws were also approved. In its partnership with memcom, the Institute is now very well configured to make significant progress.

The Institute of Association Leadership (IAL) is the professional body for the CEOs and senior staff responsible for managing trade, professional and membership associations. The members of the Institute work in trade associations, membership organisations, societies, chambers of commerce, voluntary organisations and charities.

The purpose of the Institute is to develop, promote and share best practice for the benefit of those involved in the governance of associations and to provide an opportunity for CEOs in particular to share experiences and network. The IAL offers a forum for education, training and development, dissemination of information, networking and research.


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