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Mensa Psychometrics

Psychometric assessments are powerful tools that can help you in your career and personal development. For this reason, Mensa has joined forces with Team Focus to offer a series of online tests called Profiling for Success that can help you understand more about yourself and your capabilities.

The online tests available have been developed by experienced business psychologists. They are designed to help you explore your personal style and how this relates to areas such as career development, learning, interests, capabilities and areas for development.

As many employers now use capability tests, these online tests can also help you prepare for job interviews where these tests are likely to be used. All of this can be invaluable when preparing for a job application or making a career choice.

Some of the benefits of completing these online tests are that you can:

• Explore your personality to identify your Learning Style and Career Preferences
• Explore your interests to suggest particular career themes
• Compare your thinking skills with other job applicants
• Learn more about yourself


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