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The high frontier – Amanda Uren


The high frontier – Amanda Uren

Saturday 28th March, 1215-13:15

In 1969, the USA landed a man on the moon. It seemed that nothing was beyond the grasp of the human race. But storm clouds were gathering. A growing realisation of the fragility of our planet, and that our actions were endangering all life upon it. If left unchecked, whole ecosystems and even civilisation itself could collapse.

If we were going to save our planet for future generations, major changes would have to be made to people’s lives, particularly in the consumer-driven western world. Would there be a future of scarcity and rationing? A curtailment of rights and freedoms? One man had the ultimate technological solution. A plan breathtakingly bold. But this plan was not a science fiction, pie-in-the-sky plan. This man was a scientist who had already made a breakthrough in the field of particle physics. Everything he proposed was carefully formulated and calculated using the technology of the time or a credible extension of it. This plan excited a great many people, including NASA. But eventually the resolve to undertake it was lacking.

However, the idea is not quite dead: there may yet be a way of bringing it to fruition …