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Helen Milner BE


Helen Milner OBE

Chief Executive Good Things Foundation


Helen Milner OBE is the Chief Executive of Good Things Foundation. Working closely with Government Ministers and officials since the 1990s, Helen's ambition is to ensure that no one is left behind as the world becomes increasingly digital. Lord Jim Knight 22 May ·2020 Inclusion crucial for a digital-first health service

We have turned to digital technologies to help us face the spread of coronavirus. The internet allows us to search for NHS advice online, shift to virtual appointments with healthcare professionals, and connect with our loved ones through video calling apps.

At the same time, the pandemic has shone a light on the severe problem of digital exclusion that we have in the UK. There are currently 11.9 million people in the UK who are lacking the digital skills they need for everyday life. That means that one in five people are stuck in their homes without sufficient skills to access health information or avoid social isolation.

We know that social exclusion correlates closely with digital exclusion – of the 4.1 million people who are offline in the UK, 71 per cent have no more than a secondary level education, nearly half are from low-income households, and 80 per cent are aged 50+.

We – along with the community organisations we work with – are doing all we can to tackle the immediate skills gap people who are now isolated, and often frightened, are facing. The coronavirus outbreak has shone a stark light on the relationship between health inequalities, digital exclusion and social exclusion, and so in the longer term we need to ensure we make digital and social inclusion a priority so we can all truly rely on a digital health system.


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