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Mensa children in Child Genius TV show

A number of young Mensa members are among the children featured in the second series of the fascinating Channel 4 documentary Child Genius

Child Genius, the landmark programme documenting gifted children, returns for a second series to catch up with the incredible young minds for the first time since they were featured on Channel 4 early last year.

So how have their lives changed since viewers last saw them? How do they balance their gifts with the challenges of growing older? And how are their parents coping, raising such exceptional children?

Two 60-minute programmes provide an insight into how the lives of some of the brightest children growing up in the UK have developed.

In the first programme Child Genius: Young and Gifted (Wednesday April 16, 9pm on Channel 4), viewers catch up with the programme's youngest prodigies: Peter, now 11 and England's under-12s chess champion; Adam, now 8½, and heading off to a prestigious boarding-school; and Mikhail, now 5½, a maths prodigy turned spelling star.

Plus a new Child Genius is introduced: three-year-old Georgia. When Georgia was 2¾, she became Britain's youngest member of Mensa. Her mother Lucy is so desperate for Georgia to get into a nearby school that she had her IQ tested to try and get her in. But will Georgia's gift swing her a place?

In the second programme Child Genius: At 13 (Wednesday April 23, 9pm on Channel 4), viewers catch up with the programme's now 13-year-old prodigies. Aimee practices piano seven days a week and her star is rising, including a win at a prestigious competition. But the pressures of high-flying mixed with teenage hormones means that her relationship with her parents is getting strained.

Michael is writing his fourth novel and is now home-schooled so he can pursue his academic interests in Ancient Greek, particle physics - and even Anglo-Saxon. But how will he negotiate the transition from child prodigy to becoming a man?

Dante and his parents have tried a string of therapists in search for answers as to why his gift is so troublesome for the family. Dante has a strong interest in neuroscience so undergoes an MRI to try and explain why his intelligence makes him - and his family - unhappy.

And in an interesting twist, Dante and Michael have become friends: but what happens when two teenage geniuses get together?

Child Genius charts the experiences of these incredible children over the coming years, as they come to terms with their gifts and figure out their place in the world.