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Gifted Children

How do people join Mensa?

The only requirement for membership of Mensa is an IQ score measured in the top two per cent of the population, using a recognised IQ test. 

This can be evidence of prior testing, or anyone aged ten and a half or over can take the Mensa Supervised IQ Test. Sessions are held at venues around the UK throughout the year.

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How do younger children join Mensa?

The tests which Mensa is licensed to administer are not appropriate for children aged under ten and a half. However, the society welcomes younger children on the basis of a Prior Evidence application - where the family submits details of independent testing. Local authorities have information about qualified educational psychologists in the area, who would have access to a wider range of tests, suitable for the individual's needs.

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Is there a Junior Mensa?

No, because Mensa is a 'round table' society, all members are regarded as equals and there is not a separate section of the society for children. Young members receive the same magazines and newsletters as adults, and are welcome at all appropriate Mensa events (accompanied by a parent or guardian).

Children are encouraged to join the Junior & Teen Special Interest Group, which has its own newsletter, full of stories, pictures and reviews by fellow young Mensans.


How can Mensa help my child's needs?

Mensa is not an educational establishment, and therefore is not able to offer individual advice to parents about their child, schooling, etc. However families are able to network with other Mensa members, many of whom share the experience of living or working with gifted children.

Experience also shows that younger members benefit from knowing there are other bright children, and being able to contact them through the Junior & teen newsletter the under 18s members-only Bright Spark web forum.


I am a teacher - can Mensa help me?

Teacher support packs have been developed by Mensa's Gifted Child Consultant, Lyn Allcock. Each pack contains ten ready-made lesson plans, with homework suggestions and extension activities. Aimed at gifted and talented students at KS2 and KS3, the packs are useful for summer programmes or after-school clubs.

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Can Mensa test at my school?

Mensa is able to provide support through its schools testing programme.

The High IQ Society offers a group testing discount, enabling secondary schools to identify the top five per cent for the gifted and talented register.

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