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Gifted Children Articles

A gifted child may display some or many of these behaviours


  • An unusual memory
  • Passing intellectual milestones early
  • Reading early
  • Unusual hobbies or interests or an in-depth knowledge of certain subjects
  • Intolerance of other children
  • An awareness of world events
  • Set themselves impossibly high standards
  • May be a high achiever
  • Prefers to spend time with adults or in solitary pursuits
  • Loves to...
  • UK parents and their children are more likely to recognise Simon Cowell than the Queen or Prime Minister
  • Six out of ten parents admit they are confused by their children’s homework
  • Parents’ general knowledge is just ahead of an average 11 year old

Parents like to think they are cleverer than their children, but research from Dorling Kindersley – publishers of the award-winning Eyewitness Guides educational books – suggests that in some subjects the...

Mensa's Gifted Child Consultant Lyn Kendall (pictured right) has come up with nine great ideas for parents to help their children get the most enjoyment out of learning


  1. Talk to them from an early age - children can understand a lot more than they can express and they develop language skills by listening to others around them. Our education system is based upon imparting knowledge using language.
  2. Listen to them - children need to develop good listening...