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Mensa's Gifted Child Consultant, Lyn Allcock, took part in a Radio 4 discussion on schools' provision for gifted and talented pupils. The programme, Learning Curve, can be accessed via the BBC's 'listen again' feature by clicking here.

Lyn Allcock is Mensa's spokesman on gifted child issues and is working extensively to help the society develop its Gifted and Talented Support Programme.

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Research released today by Dorling Kindersley’s Eyewitness Guides (19 July 2007) reveals that in some subjects children in the UK know more than their parents and in many others they are neck and neck.


Who’s the smartest in your family? 

More than 1,500 parents and children (aged eight-12 years) from across the UK were separately tested on the same set of ten general knowledge questions (based on national curriculum subjects taught to eight to...

Mensa – the society for people with a high IQ – is holding a one-day seminar of workshops and advice for people living and working with gifted children.

The itinerary, developed by Mensa’s Gifted Child Consultant, Lyn Allcock, includes a separate full programme of activities for the children of adults attending, fully supervised by qualified and experienced staff.

The event takes place at the Metropole Hotel, Leeds, on Saturday 8 September 2007...

Young Mensan Aimee Kwan is due to appear on channel five's The Wright Stuff on Tuesday 19 February 2008 starting at 9.00am.

Teenager Aimee has been asked to take part in a studio discussion on Matthew Wright's lively programme. She will meet fellow classical musician Myleene Klass, who is expected...

A number of young Mensa members are among the children featured in the second series of the fascinating Channel 4 documentary Child Genius

Child Genius, the landmark programme documenting gifted children, returns for a second series to catch up with the incredible young minds for the first time since they...

Lyn Kendall is Mensa's gifted child consultant

She is a Mensa member, an experienced G&T/special needs teacher and a qualified psychologist and has brought up a profoundly gifted son, so Lyn sees the issues surrounding high IQ from all angles! Her expertise is regularly sought by education professionals and government, and she is in demand from the media to talk about the needs of very bright children.

Lyn is also consultant to the popular Channel 4 programme Child Genius...

Not enough time to plan additional extension classes for gifted students?


  • The G&T teacher's assistant in a box!
  • Use for summer programme or weekly lessons
  • 10 one-hour fully planned and ready to use sessions
  • Opportunities to recognise and reward achievement
  • Photocopyable homework or extension challenges
  • Suggested timings and resources, includes teachers' tips and advice
  • Cross-curriculum projects, open-ended to...

By Mensa's gifted child consultant Lyn Kendall

While I would be the first to agree that all children are special and that all children deserve the very best we can give them, there are, in my opinion, certain groups of children that require specific input in order for them to reach their potential.

Those children...

Classic things for teachers to look out for, identified by Mensa's gifted child consultant, Lyn Kendall 

Sense of Humour

may be mature beyond years, odd or inappropriate

Compulsive Communicator

if you won't listen, they will talk to somebody else

Inability to sit still

fidgeting, fiddling, a master of origami

Ability to multi-task

the sort that never looks as if they...

There is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about gifted children. Here, Mensa's gifted child consultant, Lyn Kendall tries to separate the facts from fiction:



  • Gifted children are the product of well educated middle-class families
  • Gifted children are the product of pushy parents
  • Gifted children are so bright they will do well anyway
  • Gifted children think they are better than other children
  • Gifted...