Does your child prefer Charles Dickens to Cbeebies, or do they find school boring and unchallenging? You could have a bright spark on your hands!

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Gifted & Talented

One of Mensa's core aims is to 'identify and foster human intelligence'. With that in mind, the board of British Mensa appointed a gifted child consultant and established the Mensa Gifted and Talented Support Programmes, to assist educators in their work with gifted young people and to support young members and their families.

British Mensa has about 1,700 members under the age of 18. They are full members of the society, and are offered the same range of benefits as adult members -  magazines and newsletters, special interest groups and social events. They are encouraged to join their own group - Junior & Teen - and take part in Family Mensa events arranged across the country.

In addition, our gifted child consultant Lyn Kendall works with Mensa to create support programmes and events for people living and working with gifted children.

To watch the ITV Central News series Bright Sparks, which examined some of the issues around being and bringing up gifted children, click here.

Identifying Gifted Children

Mensa's G&T advice leaflet offers information and advice about gifted children, as well as details of other organisations which can help, and further reading on the subject.

Check out our special Gifted and Talented advice articles such as Gifted Children - a checklist for parents

The Mensa Supervised IQ Test is suitable for children aged over ten and a half years. Younger children should be assessed by an educational psychologist to find out their IQ score - your local health authority or education authority can help you to find professionals in your area. They can then apply by providing Prior Evidence.

Gifted & Talented Advice

Support for Gifted Children

Teacher support initiatives are organised by Lyn Kendall, who has extensive G&T teaching experience teacher as well as being a psychologist. She has organised gifted and talented summer schools, advised the DfEE and local education authorities on their policies and has long worked with gifted children organisations.

Workshops for teachers are always very popular - look out on the website for details of future events.

Potential Plus UK

We work very closely with Potential Plus UK to represent the interests of children with high learning potential and to advocate for them on a wider stage.

Our members aged 11 and under also have free associate membership of Potential Plus, giving them access to an even wider range of events and resources for parents. For more information, visit

Helping teenagers to aim high

Every year, we host the Young Mensans' Future Paths conference, which aims to demystify the process of applying to and studying at Oxford or Cambridge universities. As well as the chance to talk directly to admissions tutors from both universities, the event includes inspirational speakers and the chance to look round one of the historic colleges.