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THINK @ Oxford - Temporal Brevity

Sun May 09 2021
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A THINK @ Oxford Virtually Presentation

Temporal Brevity

Sunday 9th May 2021, 4pm

Live Zoom presentation including breakout rooms by Phil Jones


The 1980s saw the publication of a book on theoretical cosmology, aimed at a general reader with no prior knowledge of the subject. Over the following 17 years, several revised editions were published, in part to reflect new issues that had arisen following further scientific developments in the field. The book was to become a best seller, eventually marking up over 25 million sales worldwide. Despite this apparent popularity, however, it was once identified in the Wall Street Journal as one of the most unread books of all time. A paradox, perhaps – ironically reflecting the paradoxical nature of the subject that the book itself addressed.

Taking this book as a starting point, my talk will explore a subject that has challenged both philosophers and scientists throughout the age, but has also influenced other fields of human endeavour including art, literature and religion. If you haven’t already guessed, the book in question is A Brief History of Time, by Stephen Hawking.

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