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Think at Oxford - live virtual presentations

From Thu Mar 25 2021 to Sun May 09 2021
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Think at Oxford 2021 - virtually

Join us for a series of live weekly presentations including breakout rooms

starting on Sunday 11th April, 4pm


It will not come a surprise to anyone that we Think! will not be gathering at Oxford this year. However, we have not given up. Instead, the plan is to run a series of weekly talks by a number of the presenters who were going to speak at Think! in 2020. The first talk will be on Sunday, 11th April 2021 at 4pm, with weekly talks following that.

... the theme continues from 2019 (although slightly curtailed),

1980s Society & Science

In 2019 we started to look beyond the 1970s. For 2021 we will endeavour to move into the 1980s, a decade that saw Britain (and much of the world) change more dramatically when compared with the decades between which it was sandwiched. The 1970s is often considered a decade of striving and, certainly from a British point of view, one where the end of the decade did not seem much better than how it had started.

The same cannot be said for the 80s. We saw the rise of City culture, which contributed to it being known as the “decade of greed”. Those who remember it will be aware of the property bubbles, the 1984/5 miners’ strike, the mid-80s ‘Big Bang’ of deregulation in the City (by which we are referring to financial markets within the UK, although primarily focused on London). Fundamentally, it is remembered as a decade that embraced the rise of capital ventures and the fall of union power. A shift from industrialisation that could not compete in a modern globalising market of competitive labour and production to one of financial know-how and intellectual capital.

The aim and themes are, at core, the nature of our beliefs and knowledge. What we are exploring in the history of ideas is that ‘ideas about ideas change’. What was viewed in history as important or essential at the time is not necessarily viewed in the same way today.

As always, we will pause for conversation and allow time to ponder how these events and ideas continue to impact upon us today. So, do join us for what looks to be a fascinating perspective on some of the major ideas and developments of the 1980s.

The way Think!@Oxford works is that presentations are from members of the Philosophical Discussion SIG, and typically are not academics or experts, rather they have a strong, researched and informed interest in their topic.  They have kindly volunteered their commitment, time and effort.   

Participation is open to all, not just Mensa’s, so feel free to invite others if you think they would be interested.


Five great presentations

including live break out rooms.

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The Philosophy of Curiosity. Sunday 11th April 2021, 4pm presented by Austin Caffrey

The High Frontier. Sunday 18th April2021, 4pm presented by Amanda Uren

How Robert Johnson became the spice girls. Sunday 25th April 2021, 4pm presented by Keith Jones

Animal liberation Sunday 2nd May 2021, 4pm presented by Graham Kyle

Temporal Brevity. Sunday 9th May 2021, 4pm presented by Phil Jones