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Ed Elsey

Edward J Elsey

Ed Elsey has spoken on issues of need and equality, possession and elitism, wealth and deprivation - what thinkers over the years conclude and how we might respond. This will be his fifth contribution to Mensa at Cambridge.

Revd Ed Elsey [Father Ed] is a retired Deputy Headmaster and musician in state and Independent schools, latter ordained as School Chaplain. He writes for various religious and secular journals, and especially for the Order of St James website, internationally accessed.  He provides articles and inspirational materials to support and promote faith attitudes to life in general, but never too over-seriously.  Member of one of the now many non-mainstream religious communities, he delights in challenging traditional attitudes and defensive faith resistances, far-too-slow reaction to social change by church leaders, bound by outdated old-fashioned rules, rigmaroles and prejudices: a strong supporter of ancient liturgy. Clever rather than bright, gifted rather than talented, eloquent rather than erudite.  World traveller with a verve for meeting people. A curious mix of a fellow, who became acquainted with Mensa on an Ancient Civilisation Cruise.

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